Talking to Yourself in The Mirror Will Give You Superpowers

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I talked in previous videos about talking to yourself in the mirror to get to know yourself and find your courage by looking yourself in the eye and telling yourself powerful affirmations that will make you get in touch with your inner power to take action and kick ass in life.

I have been doing this purely out of instinct for quite some time, and I attribute my good public speaking abilities mainly to this technique. I was reading a wonderful book called “The Magic of Believing” and there was a chapter called “The Mirror Technique” and interestingly enough, it turns out many prominent speakers do this on regular basis and they also attribute their public speaking abilities and charisma to talking to themselves infront of the mirror.

There is something powerful about looking yourself in the eye, and convincing yourself of whatever it is that you want to be convinced of. There is an old saying in sales “convince yourself and you will convince the world.” When you talk to yourself in the mirror, feel the emotion going through your body and engage every part of your being in the process and you will feel a sudden powerful energy flowing though you, and right there you find your courage.

If you want to give the world inspiration, give yourself inspiration first, and it will naturally flow and inspire others around you. I talk more about the mirror technique in Lean N MeanI also highly recommend reading “The Magic of Believing” for the wealth of knowledge it contains that will help you be more of a badass in life!

May the Force be With You


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