Stop Comparing Yourself to Others At The Gym

I wanna share a perspective about how not to give a fuck about bigger guys at the gym, and I think it’s worth discussing because it’s sorta like a stigma, and the male ego is pretty sensitive

Now let’s start with myself. I’m not the biggest guy out there. Certainly not the tallest, about 5’6. So when I started going to the gym I was self-conscious about all that. It took me a while to gain perspective that would help me gain confidence when it comes to gym. I started out by keeping my eyes off everybody and listening to my music, mostly Eminem because I’m kind of an angry guy and Em resonates with me. That helped, but still feeling inadequate to the bigger guys was always on back of my mind. Until I realized that it isn’t about size. That’s just superficial. Here in the west, society values size, so everyone wants to be the biggest guy. But as soon as I decided I don’t give a fuck about what society thinks of me anymore and it was from the heart, I started experimenting with other things. Martial Arts, Calisthenics, flexibility, and I still lifted weights. And I began to embrace what my body can do and used whatever the universe gave me and began improving everyday all the while completely isolated from society’s obsession with “the biggest guy”.

Now I’m able to do incredible things like a move called “back lever”, splits, I got shredded and I’m pretty damn good fighter and I continue to train and improve every single day always looking to progress. People give me alotta respect at the gym despite the fact that I’m not nearly the biggest guy at the gym, but I actually don’t care about that anymore. I don’t know what happened in that period that I trained in isolation, but I guess I discovered self-empowerment through complete focus on my strengths and complete apathy to society’s comparison game, which I completely dropped out of.

Moral of the story, don’t compare yourself with others at the gym, and take that attitude with you outside the gym too, and focus on your own strengths and make use of what the universe gave you and you will soon fall in love and be confident in your own abilities away from the vicious comparison cycle that gets you nothing but miserable existence.


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