How to Believe in Yourself When No One Believes in You

Kids think of themselves as heroes. Go back to your childhood and remember your dreams and visions. They were big weren’t they? I remember saying to myself I’m gonna be the best football player in the world, and I said it with attitude and audacity and complete believe in myself. As we enter adulthood, those dreams and aspirations start to evaporate and we have to be more “realistic” and so begins a story of social conformity and self-limiting beliefs about ourselves. As we grow older, we begin to develop thinking habits that are based on fear and self-doubt. It’s no surprise that most people suffer from low self-esteem and have confidence issues regarding women, work, body image, social interactions and just about every situation we face.

As I write the blog post, this lack of self- confidence and self-belief is eating up millions, if not billions of people from the inside . And the funny thing is, we all think we are alone in this, but we are not. It’s hard to stand up and believe in yourself when no one believes in you. The people who don’t believe in you are usually close friends, relatives, and family members who may want the best for you based on their own perceptions and limiting beliefs about the world, but is that really all your capable of?

Most people, whether they love you or not will simply doubt you because they doubt themselves all the time. How can someone give you encouraging thoughts and support when they cannot even give themselves encouraging thoughts? Don’t take it personally. The people who don’t believe in you may still very much love you, but they have their own doubts and fears to deal with.

As I continue to know myself, these limiting beliefs and doubts passed on to me by other people have less of an effect on me. If you spend some time in solitude self-reflecting and getting to know yourself, you will soon realize that people’s opinions no longer affect you in a negative way because you know yourself so well that you have complete belief and trust in your instincts and you see the vision for yourself as clear as you can see the sun on a hot sunny summer day. This self-knowledge will act as a shield to protect you from all the limitations set on you by people around you. And once you know yourself, you don’t need to believe in yourself as much as you think you need to because it becomes part of your very being to trust yourself in every step of the way.

Once you know yourself, once you know what you want from your life, the next step is to change your thinking habit which is programmed to self-doubt and live in a state of fear. Believing in yourself doesn’t happen overnight. Treat it as a habit, because it is. Try to monitor your thoughts and you will see that you have no control over the vast majority of them because most thoughts occur on a subconscious level and they become your “thinking habits”. Look at yourself in the mirror everyday, and reassure yourself of your dreams and vision. Keep talking to yourself out loud and feed the “can do” part of your brain. Do it again and again and again. Look at yourself dead in the eye and talk to yourself in a reassuring manner. Soon enough, your thinking habits will change, and you would develop a new way of thinking that is based on believing in yourself and trusting your instincts.

It’s a tough world out there, and you are your own best friend, or worst enemy. Choose which one you want to be, and start integrating actions into your life, and you will realize just how powerful you are. Believe in yourself, even when no one else believes in you.

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