How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle and Lose Weight?

Since I began doing personal training and after getting few clients and talking to potential ones, I get asked alot about how long does it take to build muscle and lose fat. Now of course this is a legitimate question as humans are goal-oriented and we feel the need to govern our lives by timelines, but I get the feeling that many people are simply too caught up with the final result of looking good that they forget to enjoy the journey to get there.

Losing fat and building muscle is a beautiful journey that should be appreciated and enjoyed from start to finish, but if you really enjoy it, you know there is no finish line, no end to it. If you simply want to build muscle and lose fat to look good, get girls and respect without enjoying how training your body makes you FEEL and evolve as a person, you are bounds to gain that weight back and lose the muscles because you have not fully immersed yourself in the process.

Building muscle and losing weight takes time and energy and requires you to develop persistence, perseverance, patience, and raw determination which are virtues that will make your character stronger in all areas of life. Neglect these virtues and you are robbing yourself from the real benefits of working out. Besides, pay attention to how working out makes you feel in your body, pay attention to the endorphin and dopamine produced every time you exercise and how they affect your overall well-being and soon enough you will fall in love with the act of training your body.

How long does it take to build muscle and lose weight? ultimately that depends on your body, genetic predisposition, intensity of workout, and nutrition. But before you ask yourself that, make sure you enjoy every minute of training and you will no longer ask yourself this question because soon enough building muscle and staying fit and healthy will become your lifestyle.


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