You And Only YOU Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness

What’s goin on my friends! It’s your boy SAEED!

Back when I started lifting weights in high school, I thought that all my problems were going to go away and I’m going to be happy if I got a good muscular body. I got more confident and things in my life got better and I did get happier for a little while, but eventually I went back to my reference point which was more on the depressed side of life.

I switched my high school crew in the hope that my new friends would bring me more happiness, and they did for a little while, but eventually I went back to my default state of mind which was far from happy.

I became very aware of one reality: external things like objects and people will NOT make you happy on their own. They can enhance your happiness, but only if it’s coming truly from within your very being, completely independent of external circumstances, events, and attachments.

I stopped seeking happiness from without and started seeking it from within. It took my a while to learn that, and a good amount of reading to finally find happiness from within. I began to accept myself for who I was. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I accepted my lack of height (5’6) just as I accepted my beautiful hair. Accept yourself for anything that you can’t change (face, height, body structure, eye color, ethnic background, etc) and begin to improve yourself every single day in whatever way you can.

We live in a negative world, but he who can truly find happiness has won the game of life. I recommend “As Man Thinketh” if you are looking for a book that will change your though patterns for the better. I wish you all happiness.
May the Force be With You


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