Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Will Make You Invincible

They say life begins outside your comfort zone. This is one of those cliches that is nothing but the truth. If you break down your life and get past the superficial appearances and bullshit excuses, you will soon realize that your fears are holding you back from becoming a badass boss capable of extraordinary feats that once seemed impossible.

I mentioned in previous video that the only way to face your fears is HEAD ON. And that requires you to get out of your comfortable cozy perceptions and thoughts that keep your life in stalemate. When you decide to be courageous and step outside your comfort zone, your body will be flooded with adrenaline and you will suddenly come ALIVE. All the lights in your brain switch on and for few minutes you become invincible. You may not have any idea what you are doing at the moment, but the strength of courage takes over you and you truly begin to experience life and FEEL it instead of thinking about it all the time and making bullshit excuses to talk yourself out of doing what you know you have to do.

I recently started doing personal training in my apartment which I have turned into a gym. In order to get my business going and get clients, I came to the quick realization that I put myself in a position where I will have to do alot of uncomfortable things if I want to succeed in what I’m doing. One of those things was putting flyers all around my city with my number and personal information written on it. This was uncomfortable for me in the beginning because I didn’t want my phone number around for strangers to see it. I kept making up excuses for delaying what I knew I had to do, which is put flyers around the city. However, as soon as I put my first few flyers out, I realized that my fear was completely irrational. What is the worst that’s gonna happen? I got few prank calls and that was about it. I felt liberated.

I also got in the habit of giving my business cards to completely random strangers which was painful in the beginning for me and for them. The fear of being turned down and rejected was killing me from the inside. And you know what, I did get turned down few times by people who just didn’t wanna talk to me. After it happened to me few times, I stopped caring and felt liberated to give my business cards to as many people as I wanted even if I get rejected a few times. You see, after you get out of your comfort zone few times and face your fears, your new comfort zone expands and you become comfortable with talking to strangers, and even getting rejected becomes a normal thing.

To sum it all up, we were all born free into this world, but fears, social conditioning, and circumstances have put us in prisons and it’s up to you to liberate yourself. Get out of your comfort zone, and you will feel a sense of liberation that you have not felt before, and soon you will become addicted to getting out of your comfort zone, and the journey never ends



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