Fastest Way to Get Six Pack Abs and Lose Fat (No Bullshit)

I ran an experiment the last 10 days to see how fast I can get my six pack abs to look sexy and shredded. For the record, I was already in good shape, but If I took my shirt off you could not see the six pack. I just got off two consecutive surgeries and I needed something to boost my aesthetic appearance again and get those sexy six pack abs back in place again. After all school just started again and the girls are back so it wouldn’t hurt to show them what’s good.

Basically, I began what I call the “warrior lifestyle” which consists of 4 pillars as follows:

1st Pillar: Train on an empty stomach

This is gold for losing fat especially stubborn belly fat. I began dribbling my football around town for at least one hour every day for the last 10 days as soon as I get up in the morning. When you workout on an empty stomach, you become a fat burning machine since you are carb depleted in the morning. Burning fat on an empty stomach enhances your body’s ability to burn fat on regular basis, including during sleeping hours

2nd Pillar: Cold Showers

Exposure to cold results in activation of brown fat, which utilizes regular white fat cells to reheat your body and bring your core temperature back to normal. So, when you get into an ice cold shower and you begin breathing erratically, you are essentially bringing in oxygen into your body needed to reheat your body. This burns significant amount of calories, and the champion here is brown fat, which makes your body an efficient fat burning machine.

3rd Pillar: Whole food

I’m not too picky on what I eat and I don’t count calories and I don’t plan on ever doing that. For me the rules of eating are simple: eat whole natural food that isn’t processed and eat only when you are hungry. As for what my diet consisted of for the last 10 days, here goes the list: sardine, chicken tits, eggs, spinach, lettuce, limes, olive oil, green onions, lots of bananas, apples, carrots, blueberries, grapes, brown rice. Be careful of putting unhealthy fatty sauces or condiments and instead use spices to make your food taste delicious. You can go beyond these food but keep it natural and whole and stay the hell away from processed foods.

4th Pillar: Ab Exercises 

Believe it or not this is the least important factor. I personally only do two exercises: crunches on Swiss ball and knee/leg raises on the pull-up bar. That’s it. Do some research and go beyond these exercises if you like, but from my experience they are all you need to concern yourself with.

Of course there are many ways to get and maintain six pack abs, and this is one way, a very fast and efficient way. It ain’t easy, but if you are looking for the fastest possible results look no further. Stay shredded my friends.



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