Do You Need Supplements to Build Muscle?

The one question that will determine the future of the human species: do you need supplements to build muscles? My personal take on this critical issue is: mostly no, but sometimes yes, all depending on your goals and situation.

I do think that the amount of protein you need to build muscles is blown out of proportion purposefully by supplement companies, and for the most part they convinced us that taking protein powder is “essential” to building big muscles.  I only took supplements twice in my life and in my experience, they didn’t do much for me. The strength and size of my muscles depended mostly on the intensity and commitment of my training, and healthy nutrition intake.

If your goal is to be as humanly big as possible and you train for bodybuilding purposes, you might wanna supplement your diet with protein powder supplements just to be on the safe side that your muscles are getting the adequate amounts of protein they need. However, if you are like me, and you train to be strong, shredded, ripped and functional, I wouldn’t waste my money on supplements and instead I would invest my time and money into whole foods rich in protein like chicken tits, eggs, fish, lentils, and lean beef every now and then.

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