A Positive Perspective On The Modern World

What’s wrong with the world? children are starving in Africa, depression and anxiety are at an all time high in the developed world and it seems that robots and social media personas are taking over. This is only one side, the negative side that the news constantly shoves down our throats to keep us living in a state of fear.

But there is another side, a much brighter one that is naturally difficult to see in a world full of negativity and cynicism. Sure we are dependent on a virtual world and robots, but you wouldn’t even be reading this right now without the great technological advancements made by humans in the last 200 years. I used to be a big opponent of social media and technology, until I changed my perspective and saw them as tools that can be used for better or worse. And I decided, I want to strictly use these tools to better myself and share my ideas and thoughts with others in a positive manner.

Only 200 years ago, the average life expectancy in Europe was only 33, the highest in the world at the time. In Canada where I live, the average life expectancy is almost 80!!! That statistic by itself should shed some positive vibes on your life which would almost be over if not already over 200 years ago. So if you are scared to act upon your dreams and take positive bold action where your heart is calling you to act, remember that we are privileged and we have but this one life to live, so we MUST make the most of it. Smile, be happy and positive, and make use of the greatest and most interesting times in the history of humanity.

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